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ALAM DAN MANUSIA is a Malaysian independent clothing brand founded in 2017. The meaning of the Malay phrase alam dan manusia is nature and human. The phrase itself is a subject in schools, and is very familiar to locals.

Inspired by nature’s fluidity and ease, we approach style with a pure and simple concept, just create easy and playful pieces with a laid-back attitude. Attitude is what makes us human after all. Being minimalists at heart, we believe in owning what you truly love, knowing it will endure and get even better with age.

Texture, colour, silhouette and pattern are key elements in our design. Our style is often defined as ‘laid-back chic’ with loose silhouettes, long lasting natural fabrics with neutral earth tones and enriched with touches of bold prints. Inspired by the expressive, modern, and carefree individuals who choose comfort over trend.

The Polka Party collection came about from the idea of owning less, but mindfully selecting essential pieces that could do more for your wardrobe. Each piece would be sturdy enough to endure daily use and be worn in different ways. A workhorse for your wardrobe. Done in limited runs to try keep an eye on quality and craftsmanship, the collection is seasonless.

This also overlaps with our desire to design clothing to suit all stages of womanhood, to eliminate the need to purchase a new wardrobe for our ever-changing bodies, through pregnancy and beyond. This certainly influenced the shapes we chose with looser silhouettes that drape and adapt to you. These silhouettes are hugely inspired by simple Japanese style and detailing, which has always been a benchmark of taste for us. Our brand has a simple, common purpose: to make it easy for everyone to express their personal style.

We constantly evolve to better meet our customers' needs — through innovative and inspiring design; through convenient and engaging lifestyle experiences; and simply by communicating with people to understand how they live, work and play and how we can fit in.

Wearing our pieces is to #wearyourpassion. Living your life in our designs is to #bealamdanmanusia. The perfect match for the soul, the MANUSIA, the human in us.

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No 48 Jalan SS 21/1
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia.

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